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Whether you agree with alcohol sales being extended in the rest of Limestone County or not, let's put the issue to rest. Let's have a vote. Sign to get this issue on the next election ballot.
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Thousands of people have signed. The will of the people to vote on this issue must be respected by the Commission.

Seth Parker

Seth Parker - Founder

The Limestone BEER (Better Education Economic development & Roads) Initiative was started as an effort to divert revenue from alcohol sales to our Limestone County Roads and Schools, but we need your help!

The Limestone County Commission now has the opportunity to put the issue on the next election ballot but they are extremely hesitant to do so. Please sign the petition and call your commissioner to let them know we want to vote!

Where We Stand:

Our mission is to sway the county commission with numbers. We have to prove to them that public opinion is on their side. The higher these numbers are, the more likely that is to happen.

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